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      Credit Cards

      As consumers we get more reliant on credit cards with each passing year.  Besides making it convenient and simple to purchase everyday items, credit cards are also required for many different types of reservations, bookings and even simple activities like just paying for parking.

      Credit cards also allow individuals to build their personal credit rating.  However, getting a card can sometimes be difficult for those with a non-existent or spotty credit history. is here with some tips and tricks that will have you swiping plastic in no time, even if you fall into this category. In fact, some financial institutions offer credit cards specifically tailored to those with poor credit scores.

      So, what is the catch?  The main drawback is that interest rates on these cards can be quite high, sometimes above 35 percent. However, if you keep an eye on expenses and make sure your card balances stay in check, you can jump start your journey to a better credit rating in no time.