July 2012

Recent Quakes Emphasize Importance of Earthquake Insurance

In 2012 so far, over 2000 earthquakes of varying magnitudes have occurred [1]. Being the most common natural disaster along the Ring of Fire (running from California to Alaska), you would imagine that more homeowners have invested in earthquake insurance; however, a recent report in Fox Business shows that most families lack the kind of insurance required to cover them in the event of earthquake damages. 

Getting the Best Rate on Your Mortgage

With mortgage rates on the decline in America, now is the best time to purchase a home. While you will certainly be getting a better deal than someone who received their mortgage several years ago, there are still some strategies that you can employ in order to secure the lowest mortgage rate possible. 

Don’t Forget Disability Insurance

Everybody knows that auto, health and life insurance are important expenses that are very valuable in the long run. However, disability insurance remains something that many people forget about – but this could be a dangerous mistake. 

According a recent report on Boston.com, many young people forego purchasing disability insurance; however, statistics show that young people in their 20s are 30% likely to obtain a life-altering injury that could prevent them from working. 

Making Your Vehicle Stand the Test of Time

When it comes to owning a car, it is one of the few purchases you make that depreciates over time. Cars will inevitably wear down and lose their value; however, you can slow down this process and make your car last much longer. 

According to a recent survey, car mechanics state that motors on newer cars are much more expensive to repair and replace than those on older cars. While a newer motor means fewer repairs it also makes insurance can be more costly. So, you should be sure to add this extra expense to your budget.

Term Life Insurance Considered Best Route for Most

In today’s economy, many Americans are looking for ways to save money. Skimping on health insurance and life insurance is a popular strategy, but it not recommended. You may not want to think about the fact that you could fall ill, get injured or die prematurely, but it is important to have peace of mind just in case any of these unfortunate circumstances befall you. 

Mortgage Applications on the Increase

Mortgage rates are at an all-time low, making many Americans optimistic about owning a home. As a result, mortgage applications have increased this week as well as prompting many homeowners to look into refinancing their homes. 

National Home Sales Drop in June

While declining mortgage rates initially encouraged Americans to purchase homes, there has been a holdup. In June, Americans purchased fewer homes than they had in May, but realtors are convinced that this is just a temporary setback. 

According to a report in the Courier Journal, home sales dropped by 5.4% to the lowest they have been since October 2011. First-time home buyers made up 30% of the total of home sales in June while those purchasing new homes made up 40%. 

Man Pays Off Mortgage With Pennies

How much does a mortgage payment weigh? It's not a riddle. It's 427 pounds – and, a man from a Massachusetts knows the answer to that question from first-hand experience.  On his 35th wedding anniversary, Thomas Daigle carted 62 000 pennies to the Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association and used them to cover his final mortgage payment. 

Flood Victims Can Receive Mortgage Relief

Families whose homes have been hit  by floods in America are eligible for debt relief, but this is not common knowledge. If your home is facing foreclosure and you have recently been a victim of a federal disaster, you can receive assistance from the Making Home Affordable Program, launched by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Benefits of Luxury Credit Cards

Credit card providers are becoming increasingly competitive nowadays, as each company strives to provide better perks than the last. According to a report by Forbes, the result is a number of fantastic perks and benefits provided by luxury rewards cards, with such titles as “premiere”, “platinum” and “signature”.