July 2012

Top Cause of Claims in Nursing Homes is Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a devastating neurological condition, affecting more than 5.4 million Americans across the country. A new report shows that the disease is the top cause of insurance claims made in nursing homes, with over $6 billion being paid out by private long-term insurance providers to cover medical expenses required by those with Alzheimer’s. 

Obama to Encourage Home Purchases and Refinancing

With news that mortgage rates are at an all-time low, a report by Bloomberg states that President Obama wants to encourage individuals to purchase and refinance their homes. However, they are encountering a number of obstacles that stand in the way of obtaining lower mortgage payments or owning a home in the first place. 

Fewer Uninsured Motorists on the Road in Texas

In America, it is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle, but many drivers try to take the chance. In recent years, however, we have seen a decrease in the number of uninsured drivers on the road, and Texas has seen one of the biggest drops.

Summer 2012 Mortgage Predictions

Summer is always the ideal time to go house-hunting and Fox Business is getting ready for the season. The website has published a list of housing and mortgage trends that will continue into the summer, offering some great benefits to homeowners and buyers. 

Most New York Auto Thefts Occur in Buffalo

A recent reports shows that the Buffalo-Niagara region in New York has the highest rate of car theft in the state. During 2011, there were 161 thefts for every 100 000 cars in Buffalo, New York. This is an unfortunate trend for the area, which was started in 2007, making this the fifth year in a row that Buffalo experienced the most auto thefts in the state. 

New Jersey To Change Auto Insurance Laws

Auto insurance is meant to protect drivers in case they are in a car accident, cover repair costs and medical bills. However, New Jersey politicians are being forced to change the way in which car insurance helps drivers, as they have been informed that the current system is being abused. 

Workers’ Comp Lump Sums Push Recipients Back to Work

It is a common belief that when individuals receive lump sum payments for their workers’ compensation, they are reluctant to return to work. However, a recent study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute’s (WCRI) shows that the opposite is, in fact, true. 


New Changes to State Farm’s Mobile App

State Farm is on the cutting edge of the insurance market, offering innovative and convenient services for policy holders. One of the company’s best new innovations is its Pocket Agent mobile application, which allows customers to access their account information and carry out a number of responsibilities that were previously only available on State Farm’s website. 

Bank of America Offers Loan Assistance to Homeowners

Across the country, many homeowners are defaulting on their mortgages and Bank of America wants to help them out. However, after offering assistance to 60 000 homeowners across the country, the company has received very few responses. 

Sharp Rise In Credit Card Spending For May

According to recent reports, May saw a huge increase in Americans’ credit card spending. With residents spending an addition $1.71 billion in May 2012, this is the biggest jump in credit card spending we have seen in at least five years. 

Recently, borrowing has increased, as Americans have searched for effective ways to make ends meets. However, credit card spending has not come into this equation. Instead, most Americans have borrowed using student loans and auto loans, the total of which equalled $1.7 trillion in May.