August 2012

Insurance Report Reveals America’s Worst Drivers

A driver’s responsibility and history as a safe driver is key in determining their insurance rates. While these factors are determined on an individual basis, they tend to follow a trend based on the driver’s location. A new report by All Stare ranks each city large city in the United States based on how good and bad their drivers are.

Mortgage Application Rates Fall

After a slight increase, interest rates continue to fall; however, the number of mortgage applications has also decreased. Normally, lower mortgage rates would encourage more families to seek out home loans, but the opposite has occurred. It seems that there is something stopping families across the country from taking steps forward in their pursuit of homeownership.

Is Home Ownership Still A Part of the American Dream?

Most couples dream the American dream. It includes buying a home, purchasing a car and having a family – but things are changing. As the American economic climate becomes increasingly unstable, couples are being forced to sacrifice their visions of the perfect American dream.

PayPal Partners with Discover

Mobile payments are the future of finance, allowing consumers to purchase items directly using their mobile phones. Google Wallet seems to be ahead of the game at the moment, as it currently offers the only mobile payment solution. Now, Discover and Paypal are playing catch-up by teaming up to offer a similar service.

American Home Sales on the Rise

For the past few years, the American housing market has been suffering. It has been a difficult time, with real estate agents wondering if things will ever improve. Now, we are seeing the first signs of improvements, as home sales have risen to their highest levels in two years.

Car Thieves Now Making Their Own Keys

Cars that come equipped with chip keys are touted as being safer than those without, as they have a smaller chance of being stolen. However, a new report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau indicates that this is no longer the case, as thieves are becoming more technologically-adept and can emulate these keys.

An Insider Look At ‘The Cheapest Generation’

Today’s young generation is avoiding making the big purchases that most adults have prepared for their whole lives. They are called being called ‘the cheapest generation’, as they opt for public transit over buying cars and renting apartments over buying homes.

Credit Cards Ranked

Obtaining a credit card is an important acquisition in any person’s life. So, it is important to put a lot of thought into the brand that you decide to go with. A new report by J.D. Power and Associates aims to make that decision a bit easier by ranking the best and worst credit cards available to Americans.
American Express and Discover are the best credit cards, according to the report. These companies have earned high scores thanks to their online tools, customer service and rewards programs.

Virtual Doctors’ Visits Available

The internet is a remarkable thing, allowing people from around the world to communicate instantly. Now, doctors and patients can have that same virtual connection, as a new online service allows patients to have virtual visits with their doctors via webcam.

American Mortgage Rates Edging Back Up

Last month, American mortgage rates were at an all-time low – but we knew it couldn’t last for long. Signs that the American economy is recovering are driving mortgage rates up. There was only a brief window of opportunity available for potential homeowners to obtain mortgages at rates below 3.50%, as rates are beginning to climb yet again.