September 2012

Car Insurers Getting Too Personal According to Report

Car insurance is something that’s inevitable in life if you choose to buy a car and drive; so it makes sense that when applying for car insurance there are a lot of questions about your driving record, the type of car you drive, etc. What you wouldn’t expect is a number of questions regarding your personal life like marital status, home ownership, or where you went to college.

Citi Bank Issues Private Pass Service through its Credit Cards

In today’s saturated market of credit cards and credit card providers, banks are coming up with new ways to stand out amongst the competition to generate interest in their service and build loyalty with current customers. Some offer more financial incentives; some go a whole different direction. In the case of Citi Bank they have decided to offer a private pass online service through use of their credit cards to build their customer base and give current customers the opportunity to feel like a VIP.

Mortgage Rates across U.S. Hit Record Lows

The American housing market is beginning to show signs of recovery in the aftermath of the housing bubble that burst across the country four years ago, helping spark the 2008 recession. With moves by the Federal Reserve to continue stimulating the economy and keeping central lending rates at their zero percent levels well into 2015, potential homebuyers across the country are building on that potential and beginning to buy again. And good news this week for these homebuyers; mortgage rates across the country hit lows that haven’t been seen in over 40 years.

Mortgage Application Volume on the Rise

It has been a tough couple of years for the American housing market, and we’re finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that more and more families are becoming optimistic about their financial futures, leading to an increase in the number of mortgage applications that have been filed recently.

According to Fox Business, last week saw a 2.6% rise in the number of mortgage applications that Americans filed. Mortgage rates continued to decline as well, encouraging families to take the step forward and submit their applications to obtain a home loan.

Study Names Most Dangerous Cars On The Market

When determining the costs of your insurance, providers take into consideration the type of car that you drive. Not only does its age play into the equation; its model and make also have significant effects on your insurance rates, depending on how likely it is for your particular car to get into accidents. A new study by the Highway Loss Data Institute determines which cars are the most likely
to be involved in accidents, helping you decide which vehicles make the best investments.

Workplace Injuries Less Likely in Certain Environments

Workplace injuries are serious occurrences, as they not only affect the employee but also potentially create complications for the employer. A recent study delves into the issue of workplace injuries, and has discovered some interesting facts – specifically that they are less likely in workplaces where paid sick leave is provided.

Older Drivers Charged More For Insurance

A common myth about car insurance is that your rate decreases the older you get, and this is true – up to a point. A new study by The Which? has found that drivers over the age of 75 are charged more for their insurance than younger demographics, despite the cost of insuring them being much lower.
According to the study, quotes for drivers aged 76 – 85 were up to 50% higher than quotes for

Groupon Launches Credit Card Service

Groupon is the premier daily deal provider in the United States. Offering coupons to internet users, the service helps millions of Americans save money every year. Now, the company is taking the next step forward by launching its own credit card service.
According to Reuters, Groupon Payments will gives restaurants, bars and retail shops that offer Groupon deals to accept credit card payments at lower rates than most providers. MasterCard and Discover Cards will be charged 1.8% plus a $.15 swipe fee. American Express cards will be charged 3% plus the same $.15 fee.

Apple May Snub Mobile Payment Solutions

Apple is seen as the biggest innovator in today’s mobile technology market; however, the company could be left behind when it comes to mobile payments. Apple’s reluctance to adopt near field communications (NFC) technology could hold back its mobile payment developments.

Fewer Young People Are Buying Cars

Nowadays, young people across the country seem to have different priorities. Years ago, owning a car was a sign of prosperity and success, but it seems that things have changed. According to a new report by CNN Money (, the past five years have seen 30% less Americans aged 18 – 24 buying cars.