July 2014

Quick And Easy Signup For Minnesota Twins Credit Card

Many Americans may not realize that when they go to see a ball game, they could apply for a special MLB rewards credit card.  The credit cards are provided through partnerships with some of the country’s largest banks, and the MLB considers the cards an opportunity to build on team loyalty.


California Health Insurance Rates Rise As Much As 88 Percent

American families were promised more affordable health insurance under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, one of the primary pieces of legislation in the Obama White House.  But in California, rates are up over 20 percent and up to nearly 90 percent in some regions across the state.

Lloyds Off The Hook For Rate Rigging With $369 Million Fine

The Libor interest rate scandal was one of the worst rate rigging cases for the financial world.  An investigation is being led by US and British financial officers and officials of the Justice Department to bring charges against institutions that deliberately manipulated the Libor rate.

Libor, an acronym for the London Interbank Offered Rate, is used by banks to borrow money against each other.  But if Libor is deliberately manipulated to make banks appear more stable, the credibility of the Libor rate is called into question and affects financial markets everywhere.

Do Men Still Pay Higher Car Insurance Quotes?

Do you have any suspicion that there is a gender gap in the amount car insurers charge to drivers?  According to new information shared by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, men can still expect to pay higher car insurance quotes than women with the same driving profile.

The data compares two important stats divided between men and women – collisions and time spent on the road.  The IIHS notes that men are more likely to require medical assistance and even lawyers in the aftermath of accidents on the road, costs that force insurers to consider the gender factor.

Lyft Finally Makes it to NYC, But Without the Sharing

Ride-sharing firm Lyft has finally made it to the Big Apple, after weeks of setbacks. The only way to make it to New York City, though, was to abandon the sharing aspect at the center of its business model.

Lyft will launch in NYC, but only using licensed livery drivers - a huge change from the way it operates in other states, letting ordinary drivers sell rides to other people using its service.

Six Indicted in StubHub International Fraud Scheme

Six people were indicted this past Wednesday in connection with an international cyber-crime ring aiming to defraud StubHub, the online ticket marketplace.

StubHub user accounts were taken over by fraudsters, who stole identifying information and used victims’ credit cards to buy sporting event and concert tickets. According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, the cyber-crime ring had accomplices around the world, including Britain, Russia, the U.S.A, and Canada.

As Loan Demand Picks Up, Mortgage Rates Hover Near Lowest Level of the Year

Mortgage rates are holding near their lowest levels of the year, despite rising loan demand. Freddie Mac’s weekly survey of lenders found 30-year fixed rate loans averaged 4.13 percent, unchanged from the week before.

Mortgage shoppers continue to take advantage of rates that, save for a few months in 2012 and 2013, have never been lower. Even better news is that rates have remained subdued even as the economy strengthens.

Where Is Home Insurance Most Expensive In South Carolina?

With hurricane season fully underway, evidenced by the damages left in the wake of Hurricane Arthur, many families are concerned about whether their home insurance plans can protect them financially from the storms.  Even more concerning for many households living near the coast is how much their insurance rates cost.

Credit Card Data Breaches Reach Goodwill

The credit card data breaches that are plaguing large parts of the United States continue to cause problems for ordinary cardholders.  Following a series of scams that affected retail giants like Target, federal authorities confirmed tracking the source of a number of compromised credit cards back to Goodwill Industries.

Like many of the other data breaches, investigators believe the window for hackers to compromise accounts dates back into 2013.  There are nearly 3,000 Goodwill stores in operation around the US, but the breach appears to be limited to only certain retail stores.


Happy Fourth Birthday To The CFPB

Yesterday marked the four year anniversary of the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or CFPB.  The CFPB was given a mandate to protect Americans from illegitimate elements in the financial sector, such as subprime mortgage loans that ultimately led to the financial crisis of 2008.