October 2014

All Those Credit Card Breaches May Affect Holiday Shopping

It seems the credit card data breaches that have plagued the US over the past year will impact how Americans shop this holiday season.  A new survey suggests nearly half of debit and credit card users will avoid one of their regular stores from Black Friday onward if that store was impacted by one of the data breaches.


Did You Know The Flu Shot Is Covered By Health Insurance?

The biggest health concern plaguing Americans is the Ebola virus and fear that the disease could spread across the country.  One person who returned to Dallas from Liberia was positively diagnosed with the virus, while a nurse who contacted Ebola after treating the patient was isolated and flown to Maryland for treatment – where doctors say her condition is stable.

Thousands of Coloradans Lose Health Insurance Weeks Before Election

On Friday, the Colorado Division of Insurance announced that they experienced an unprecedented increase in policy cancellations in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Marguerite Salazar, Colorado insurance commissioner, said in a letter to state Senate Republicans that more than 22,000 Colorado residents had received notices that their policies were cancelled last month. Furthermore, she stated that 192,942 residents will have lost their policies by the end of next year.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Set to Ease Mortgage Lending

Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are getting close to an agreement that would ease restrictions on borrowers with weak credit, effectively making credit more easily available to potential homebuyers who may have been previously unable to secure a mortgage.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency is engaged in discussions over whether Fannie and Freddie should lower down-payment requirements to 3%, down two percentage points from the current 5%. The mortgage world is buzzing with the news, which came from insiders who wish to remain anonymous.

President Obama Signs Order to Strengthen Credit Card Security

Today, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that promises to strengthen federal credit card security. The U.S. President urged retailers and banks to follow in the White House’s footsteps to help fight the ever-present threat of identity fraud in America.

Obama signed the document today at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in front of a crowd of regulators. The order promises to add Chip and PIN technology to all government credit and debit cards from January 2015 onwards.


Celebrate My Drive Launches Teen Driver Safety Week

Road safety is an ongoing concern for drivers and insurers across the country.  Many insurers and driver’s education schools aspire to educate young drivers about road safety as soon as possible.

Credit Card Industry Is Very, Very Healthy

There’s an old saying that the night is always darkest before the dawn, which was a message millions of Americans held onto in the fallout from the 2008 recession.  Many people fell behind on their credit card payments leading up to the economic crisis, and were punished with higher credit card interest rates as penalties for their troubles.


Car Dealerships Actively Involved With Charities

Car dealers make their businesses profitable within the communities where they operate by appealing to people in those communities.  One of the ways that dealerships enhance their reputations is by remaining active within the community by participating in local events as well as making generous donations to charities.

New Study Reveals Many Ohio Residents Going to ERs for Dental Issues

A new study by Dental Access Now released on Thursday has revealed surprising data about the state of dental insurance in Ohio. According to the report, more than 80,000 Ohio residents go to emergency rooms every year for toothaches and other dental issues. From 2009 to 2011, 84,000 Ohio residents visited ERs each year for dental pain, such as cavities, broken teeth, abscesses or gum disease.

Escaped Jefferson County Inmate Still at Large and Stealing Credit Cards

Last Sunday, 32 year-old inmate Travis Sandlin escaped from Jefferson County jail during a recreational period outdoors. Sandlin jumped down multiple roofs, after breaking through a gap in a wire fence, to make his escape. What’s more, the inmate is still at large, and he’s stealing credit cards and cars according to the Jefferson County sheriff’s office.