March 2015

Is Insurance Coverage For NCAA Athletes Fair Enough?

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March Madness is the talk of the nation as the final four teams in the NCAA tournament are set to face off on Saturday.  The winners of the semifinal games will compete in the championship on Monday.

While players and their fans are focused on the games and team spirit on the court, the NCAA organization is fielding inquiries from insurance agents off the court.  Many players are injured while competing in March Madness or other college basketball events, sometimes to the extent that the injuries ruin their careers.

Get Ready For Higher Flood Insurance Rates Effective April 1st

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Two days from now, Americans living in coastal communities will be subjected to higher flood insurance premiums.  Congress passed a law known as the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act that will slowly phase out subsidized flood insurance premiums for homeowners to recoup losses incurred due to natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.

New York Wants Fair Insurance Rates For Drivers

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There is a quiet crackdown occurring across the country on insurers that use price optimization techniques to artificially inflate their car insurance rates.  At least three states have banned insurers from using price optimization tactics, and a fourth may be on its way.

Now Is The Time For Young People To Buy Say Realtors

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The spring homebuying season is just around the corner, and realtors are expecting a very busy few months in major markets across the country.  That’s because many younger Americans are at last making the switch from renting a home to owning a home.

Ride For Kids Rides On With Support From GEICO

Motorcycle rides are used around the country as charitable exercises to support worthy causes.  One of the most popular rides is the Ride for Kids, an event supporting research conducted by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

At Least 9 Yale University Students Are Victims Of Fraud

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The life of a student is often spent on a very tight budget, and typically results in thousands of expensive debts like student loans.  But students attending Yale University are finding their finances are being setback even further as a wave of credit card fraud appears to be descending across the school campus.


New Jersey Tops List Of Most Expensive States For Car Insurance

The cost of car insurance across the US varies state by state, while the national average annual premium is approximately $850.  Residents in some states will pay lower than the national average, while drivers in other states will pay significantly more than the national average.

Spring Thaw Opens The Roads To Potholes

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Spring is officially in the air across most of the country, though some regions are still digging out of accumulated piles of snow.  While many people celebrate the end of a bitterly cold, hibernating style winter, drivers are less impressed with the conditions on the roads.

This is the time of year when potholes spring up across the country.  The wet winter weather, a mixture of rain or snow, seeps into the concrete in the ground throughout the season, and when the spring thaw arrives, potholes break out across any number of roads. 

Take Advantage Of Low Mortgage Rates While You Can

Friday was the first official day of spring, though certain parts of the country were still trapped in winter – a fresh winter storm pummeled the northeast coast on the weekend.

However, spring is traditionally a hot time of the year for the housing market.  The unusually harsh winter slowed housing activity following the holiday season at a slower rate than is typical during that time of the year.  But despite a weak start to 2015, housing experts are forecasting a robust spring due to ongoing commitments to low mortgage interest rates.

Target Offers $10 Million To Settle Data Breach Lawsuit

The Target credit card data breach forever altered how Americans purchase new products using their cards.  The breach exposed personal information on over 70 million Americans, and fast tracked efforts by US lawmakers to improve security at point of sale terminals as well as online.

The breach was first uncovered on Black Friday in the fall of 2013, which is one of the busiest shopping seasons of the entire year.  After the severity of the breach was publicized, victims sought repercussions from the retailer, which included a class action lawsuit.