April 2015

Ford Expands Recall, Believed To Affect 1 Million Cars

Drivers who own Ford branded cars are being encouraged to get their vehicles in for tune-ups in light of a series of nationwide recalls.  Ford has issued five separate recalls in the past week due to technical problems with certain models of cars.

Can You Believe Nearly 45,000 Drivers Leave Their Keys In The Car?

Anti theft devices and advancements in technology have contributed to the declining number of stolen cars across the US.  However, Doni Bloomfield with Bloomberg News says an alarmingly high volume of cars are still stolen due to the owners of those vehicles leaving the keys inside.

Anonymous Donor Pays Off Mortgage For Mudslide Victim

A massive mudslide near Oso, Washington struck the region approximately one year ago.  One man’s life was forever changed by the natural disaster, and his life was changed once again this week courtesy of an anonymous donor as reported by NBC News.

Discover Inks Deal Introducing Apple Pay To Cardholders

When Apple Pay was launched in the fall of 2014, it was lauded as a breakthrough for the burgeoning mobile payment industry.  The service quickly gained the support of providers like Visa, MasterCard and American Express, plus partnerships with major banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America.


Ford Issues Recall Over Faulty Door Latches

There have been several auto recalls over the years due to faulty parts and unsafe models that threaten driver security.  One of the biggest recalls of 2014 involved Takata airbags, specifically the chemicals within the airbags that threatened the security of drivers as well as passengers in the event of an accident.

USGS Report Links Oil Extraction To Manmade Earthquakes

Thousands of minor earthquakes occur across the US each year, particularly around coastal fault lines that are prone to seismic activity.  Home and business owners with properties on or near fault lines take precautions for potential seismic shifts, which includes acquiring earthquake insurance to compensate for damages to the properties.

Americans See Lower Insurance Rates In Self Driving Cars

Self driving or autonomous cars are the new trend as drivers anticipate the days when manufacturers roll these vehicles out to the public.  Autonomous cars still have their sticking points and criticisms, but the concept of self driving vehicles is very appealing to a large number of drivers.

New York Uber Passenger Charged $16,000 For 7 Mile Ride

When Uber was founded in 2009, the mobile ride sharing app was a small startup business based in and around San Francisco.  Over the last six years, Uber expanded into major cities across the US, though not without its share of controversies, including concerns about insurance applied to Uber drivers.

Philadelphia Leads Shift Towards Environmentally Friendly Homes

Millions of Americans are becoming environmentally conscious, and are changing their habits to reflect a more eco friendly lifestyle.  Corporations have also begun changing their habits by developing greener products, such as credit cards that transfer points to lower carbon emissions and preserve ecological lands.

Is Student Debt Inevitable And A Means To An End

Image Courtesy of ©iStock.com

There has been much discussion about the growing amount of student debt in America.  The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently reported that the total amount of student debt in the country now exceeds $1 trillion, and is the second largest subsection of debt after mortgages.