May 2015

Macy’s Forecasts Busy Second Quarter Courtesy Of Plenti

The Plenti loyalty rewards program is one of the most unique plans on today’s market.  The program allows credit card users who opt into Plenti to acquire points from purchases made in one industry, and redeem those points by acquiring products in other industries.


Detroit Mayor Makes The Case For Car Insurance Reform

Michigan’s no fault auto insurance system is the only model in the US that includes unlimited medical coverage.  The system is particularly troubling for Detroit residents where auto insurance premiums are higher than in any other jurisdiction in the country.

Think Low Mileage Lowers Insurance Rates? Think Again

Many drivers choose to thoroughly track the distance they travel and attempt to keep their annual mileages as low as possible, assuming their behavior will result in rewards like insurance discounts.  But those assumptions are wrong, according to the Consumer Federation of America.

Underwater Houston Recovers From Unprecedented Floods

Areas of southern Texas are under states of emergency due to unprecedented flooding that ravaged the area over the past several days.  A powerful storm that blew across Texas and into Oklahoma earlier in the week was the first in a series of storms concentrated in areas around Houston.

If You Believe Freddie Mac, Mortgage Rates Will Rise Next Year

Future interest rates are an ongoing concern for millions of Americans, especially people locked into mortgages on their homes.  The Federal Reserve has signaled that an interest rate hike is on its way, hinting that higher interest rates are a realistic possibility as early as the fall.

One Of The Worst Storms In History Slams The State Of Texas

Memorial Day was certainly memorable for people in Texas and Oklahoma, though not for the best of reasons.  Unprecedented levels of rainfall hammered neighborhoods across both states that left dozens of people dead and thousands without power in what meteorologists called an “extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening flood situation.”

The storms brought flooding, hail, tornadoes and other weather phenomenon to the regions.  Over 30 million Americans were warned to brace for severe weather in the days ahead as the storms expand from central Texas to surrounding areas.

Tennessee Predicts Many Cars On The Road For Memorial Day

The Memorial Day long weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer in the minds of many Americans across the country.  Families from coast to coast plan vacations for the long weekend, sometimes at cottages or campsites, or in some cases, a good old fashioned road trip.

Plenti Of Marketing Promotions Live And Kicking

American Express unveiled a brand new loyalty rewards program called Plenti earlier in May.  The Plenti rewards program is a collaborative campaign that allows credit card users to use rewards points at any number of retail establishments who are partnered with Amex.


Janet Yellen Expects To Raise Interest Rates By End Of Year

Economists across the country spent the better part of the year debating when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.  Some economists are very hawkish with their predictions, anticipating a rate hike ahead of summer.  Others are more dovish, and predict there will be no changes until the end of the year, potentially back to 2016.

Takata Airbag Recall Now Largest Auto Recall In US History

Over the last number of years, millions of vehicles have been recalled by auto manufacturers for safety concerns.  The defects vary depending on the company – from door latches on Ford made vehicles to durability in GM models.  In the end, the issue for US safety regulators is the safety of Americans who are in those vehicles.