June 2015

Can You Really Afford That Dream Sports Car?

Millions of people dream of owning the most luxurious of sports cars to fulfill a lifelong fantasy.  But to those drivers who acquire those luxurious vehicles, the dream may become a nightmare when it comes time to get the car properly insured.

Memory Of Sandy Will Shadow Chris Christie Presidential Campaign

The 2016 presidential campaign has been dominated by the entry of Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans.  However, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will formally throw his hat in the ring as a Republican nominee later this week.

The question for Christie is how his time as Governor of New Jersey will help or hinder his ambition to sit in the White House.  The Garden State will be the base of support for Christie but many New Jersey residents have mixed feelings towards the Governor, particularly people living in coastal communities.

Lightning Storms Powerful, Costly For Insured Homeowners

While less common than flooding, fires and other natural disasters, lightning strikes are prone to cause significant damages to American homes.  The Insurance Information Institute (III) identified nearly 100,000 homeowners who made claims for lightning related damages throughout 2014, totaling over $739 million.

The data presented by III shows that the total number of claims in 2014, while still significantly high, was at a 5 year low.  There were over 213,000 reported insurance claims in 2010 as a result of lightning strikes, which cost the insurance industry over $1 billion.

California Has Highest Rate Of Stolen Cars Per Capita

The rate of stolen vehicles is on the decline across the United States, but there are still thousands of thefts reported every year.  According to new research conducted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), California is the most common state for cars to be stolen.

Housing Market Rebound Not For Everyone Say Civil Rights Groups

Business headlines across the country repeatedly stress that the US housing market is on the rebound following the worst collapse in history in 2008.  However, property values are not rising consistently across the country, and the reality of the housing market further highlights the divide between rich and poor Americans.

Supreme Court Saves Obamacare For Future Generations

The Supreme Court has saved the Affordable Care Act.  The affordable health insurance legislation that was the signature piece of President Barack Obama’s administration will continue to live on for future generations.

Rest Of The World Agrees US Credit Cards Susceptible To Fraud

Credit card fraud is an ongoing problem across industrialized nations but Americans are, without a doubt the most popular target of savvy scammers.  A new report by British international banking firm Barclays says US credit cards account for approximately one quarter of all cards used in the world, but nearly half of those cards are targeted by fraudsters.


Coal City Example Of Why It’s Best To Be Insured For Storms

The season of extreme weather is upon us, and Americans were reminded yet again to ensure homes are properly insured for such events.  A tornado ripped through the town of Coal City in Illinois, leaving behind a trail of damaged homes, downed power lines, and flooded roads.

Save Money On Farmers Products With New Visa Rewards Card

Farmers Insurance Group is one of the leading US insurance and financial services firms with millions of loyal customers across the country.  Farmers announced a new offer that will benefit the most loyal of clientele in the form of the Farmers Rewards Visa credit card.


Do Not Call Registry Beefed Up By New Primus Guard Technology

Millions of people are registered for the National Do Not Call Registry, which attracted fed up residents since the establishment of the index in 2004.  The rules of the registry were amended by a federal ruling earlier this week, allowing agencies like Primus Technologies to optimize their Telemarketing Guard Technology to further protect Americans from harassing calls.