July 2015

Operation Coffee Break Lays Insurance Fraud Charges On 33 People

California is often referred to as “ground zero” for car insurance fraud in the United States, according to the state’s insurance commissioner Dave Jones.  A three year old investigation into staged collision fraud was finally brought before the courts that seemingly enforced that notion.

Janet Yellen Prefers Sooner Than Later Interest Rate Hike

Global economic perils have raised many questions around the Federal Reserve’s intentions towards interest rates.  Certain members of the Fed advocate for rates to rise before the end of 2015, while other leaders recommend a dovish stance that delays any movements until 2016.

Scammer Steals Credit Card Data, Charges $20,000 In Louisiana

Another episode of credit card fraud is plaguing innocent American citizens, this time in a small town in Louisiana.  According to reports from the Sheriff’s office in the town of Houma, a scammer charged nearly $20,000 in fraudulent expenses on at least 20 different debit and credit cards.

Sheriff’s Captain Dawn Foret is leading the investigation into the fraud.  The police have identified a suspect who is connected to the Dynasty Buffet in Houma, which has been confirmed as the location that credit card numbers were skimmed.


Motorcyclists Have Keen Eyes On The Road Says Erie Insurance

Summer is the time of the year for avid motorcyclists who can spend hours on end barreling down open highways on a powerful hog.  But not all riders are comfortable with the conditions of the road or the habits of other people on the road.

200,000 People Will Gain Internet Access Through ConnectHome

President Obama is devoting a significant amount of time in his final months of office towards improving housing for all Americans.  The President visited a school near Durant, Oklahoma this week to announce the launch of the ConnectHome program, a federal agenda to connect thousands of public housing locales with high speed internet.

Growing Number Of People Are On Top Of Their Mortgage Payments

The stability of the housing market remains in question due to various factors, both domestic and abroad.  However, the latest report from CoreLogic, a critical analytical firm for consumer, business and government interests, indicates that more homeowners are keeping up to date with their mortgage payments.

Donald Trump Says Supporters Cut Up Macy’s Credit Cards

To say that Donald Trump a brash, controversial figure is like saying it’s wet outside when it rains.  During his campaign kickoff speech, Trump infuriated people all over North America by accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists and drug dealers.


Central Florida University Students Lose Homes To Fire

Dozens of people living in central Florida will need to find temporary lodgings and possibly prepare for permanent relocation.  A fire at an apartment complex near the University of Central Florida (UCF), located near Orlando, burned one of the buildings onsite before fire crews were able to contain the flames.

Difference Of Opinion Among Fed Policymakers On Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve is weighing its options in regards to raising the country’s overnight interest rates.  The FOMC meeting in June indicated a rate hike could come as early as September, with a second hike possible in December or in early 2016.

Credit Card Breaches Are Even Extending To Zoos

The era of credit card data breaches continues to stretch on and into new industries with each reported breach.  According to the operators of a specific point of sale terminal, a lapse in security potentially exposed data on credit cards used at zoos.

Service Systems Associates operates the payment terminals at retail shops and concession stands in several prominent zoos.  SSA identified a breach at the Detroit Zoo in June, and estimates the gap in security was open from March 23rd until June 25th.