September 2015

Growth in Home Prices Remains Strong Through July

Growth in Home Prices Remains Strong Through July

According to a report by Case-Shiller released today, the price of homes continued to grow in July after an already strong first half of the year.

Volkswagen: Das Sorry

The word is out. Volkswagen's CEO, Martin Winterkorn, has officially apolgized for what may be one of the biggest corporate scandals of the decade.


To Hike or Not to Hike: The Federal Reserve Rate Decision

The Federal Reserve Committee has spoken and it's official: no hike just yet.

Why Don't More Illinoisans Have Life Insurance?

A recent survey found that a whopping 40 per cent of Illinoisans don't have life insurance and nearly 24 per cent don't think they need it.

Chicago Developers Fight Affordable Housing Rules

The city of Chicago is committed to making sure there are more affordable places for low-income citizens to rest their heads at night, but the rules they've put in place to do this don't sit well with some of the developers in the city. The Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago last Thursday has filed a lawsuit against the city's Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO), which is part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's five-year plan to increase the number of affordable housing units by up to 1,200.