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How will Trump impact your finances?

Donald Trump impact on finances

On Tuesday night, he shocked the world. Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States after almost every political insider and pollster wrote him off.

What You Need to Know About Buying Down Mortgage Rates

Buy down mortgage

For the most part, the world of mortgages isn’t really that complicated. You and the lender agree on an interest rate, term (usually 15 or 30 years, with most people taking the latter), payment amount, and so on.

Where things get more complicated is when lenders talk about buying down mortgage rates. What exactly does that mean? Just how much money can you save? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Some States Have Better Mortgage Rates

Why some states have better mortgage rates than others.

When you’re on our mortgage comparison page, you’ll notice that one of the first questions we ask is which state you live in.

You’d think the answer wouldn’t matter. After all, interest rates are determined by the Federal Reserve (as well as the overall market), and most lenders operate nationwide. Additionally, much of the underwriting is done in a few central offices across the country.

Cheap Oil Great for You, Terrible for Your Mortgage

oil and your finances

There are a number of reasons why consumers are cheering cheap oil.

Savings at the pump is the biggest reason, obviously. In 2012, when the price of oil lingered around $100 per barrel and the average cost at the pump was about $3.50 per gallon, the average U.S. family spent $2,900 just on fuel to get around. This doesn’t include costs for things like jet fuel, transportation surcharges on package delivery, or other fuel-related expenses.

Are You Making These 4 Credit Card Mistakes?

Are You Making These 4 Credit Card Mistakes?

Credit cards are a fantastic tool to have at your disposal. They make life easier in all sorts of ways, from not having to carry around large amounts of cash to using them as an easy source for a deposit for something like renting a car. Have you ever tried to stay at a hotel without a credit card?

Don't Sweat That Crazy Stock Market

Don't Sweat That Crazy Stock Market

The last month or so the stock market has been pretty crazy. It seems like the indexes are falling daily, with no end in sight.

To the average investor, all this looks scary. How exactly are you going to retire if your investments go down? What’s even the point of putting money away if it’s just going to be worth less?

3 Ways To Save Serious Cash On This Summer's Move

The summer is good for many things, like sitting on the patio (preferably with an adult beverage), going on road trips, and just about every outdoor sport.

It’s also a good time to move. Nobody wants to dodge snowballs or icicles while hauling their couch, so most people end up moving in the summer. Here are three ways you can ensure your upcoming move won’t cost a fortune.

Bored This Summer? Take a Road Trip to These 5 Sites

If there’s anything that beats the summer road trip, I’ve yet to experience it. Packing up your friends and a bunch of gear into a car and heading off to parts unknown is about as fun as it gets.

But many people struggle with somewhere to go. Here are five places around the country that you’ve got to see before you die. Why not cross one or two off the list this summer?

Eat for Less on Your Summer Road Trip

Ah, summer. The time of BBQ’s, patio drinks, and bike rides. As the old expression goes, what a time to be alive.

It’s also the time for everyone’s favorite way to spend a week or two -- the summer road trip. But if you’re not careful, you could end up paying too much for that fun. Here are a few tips on how to save a few bucks on food while on the road.

Mortgage Rates are Heading Higher this Summer Or Are They?

The big story in the mortgage world since the banking crisis of 2008-09 has been the gradual reduction in rates. Just how low can they go?
But that might be changing, and as soon as this summer. Here’s why the temperature might not be the only thing rising as the days get longer.