Benefits of Luxury Credit Cards

Credit card providers are becoming increasingly competitive nowadays, as each company strives to provide better perks than the last. According to a report by Forbes, the result is a number of fantastic perks and benefits provided by luxury rewards cards, with such titles as “premiere”, “platinum” and “signature”. 

For frequent flyers, many of these credit cards make baggage fees obsolete. Many airlines now require passengers to spend upwards of $50 to check their baggage, and some credit cards eliminate this expense. For example, American Express cards and travel credit cards offer these types of perks for flyers. 

Holding certain credit cards also make you feel like a celebrity. Visa Signature, Discover More and the Platinum American Express card all come with enhanced concierge services. So, the next time you visit a bar, hotel or restaurant, they may have a specialized hospitality team available to wait on your every need simply because you hold one of these cards. 

In some cases, credit cards offer you access to exclusive events. Some companies host parties for card-holders only and offer exclusive giveaways where the prizes are priceless - including sold-out sporting event and concert tickets. For this perk alone, it is certainly worth applying for a luxury card.