Coal City Example Of Why It’s Best To Be Insured For Storms

The season of extreme weather is upon us, and Americans were reminded yet again to ensure homes are properly insured for such events.  A tornado ripped through the town of Coal City in Illinois, leaving behind a trail of damaged homes, downed power lines, and flooded roads.

Coal City is a small community with an estimated population of 5,500 people.  The region is located approximately 60 miles southwest of Chicago, but meteorologists reported that the worst of the storm let up before reaching the major metropolitan center.

The same could not be said for the people of Coal City.  In the evening hours of June 22nd, the National Weather Service confirmed a number of tornadoes touched down across central Illinois, one of which tore through the town of Coal City.

Coal City police were relieved to report that no fatalities or serious injuries were consequences of the storm.  But many commercial and residential buildings were ripped apart by the powerful wind gusts, while heavy rain poured onto city streets, causing water to flow into many basements.

Emergency crews are busy cleaning up the wreckage of the storm, and insurance companies are preparing to field inquiries from homeowners.  The community is using the local high school on the western edge of town as an emergency shelter for residents who are unable to return to their homes.

Reporters with ABC News were on the scene in Coal City shortly after the tornado warnings were lifted.  Coal City Police Sergeant Tom Logan spoke with reporters about the tragedy, expressing his heartfelt condolences for people who lost their homes to the tornado.

“Houses that were there once are just not there anymore.”

As of this time officials have not declared a state or federal emergency for Coal City, unlike the fallout of powerful storms in Texas earlier in the month.  However, expect an outpouring of support to arrive at Coal City from the state and federal levels in the days and weeks ahead.

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