First Days of Apple Pay Marked by Glitches

On Monday, Apple released its highly-anticipated Pay mobile payment system. Unfortunately for the tech giant, its first few days were marred with the news that some early adopters had become victims to a glitch in the service. Some Bank of America credit and debit cardholders were charged twice for purchases after using Apple’s new mobile wallet technology.

According to Bank of America, about 1,000 transactions were affected by the glitch, and it had been working to reverse the duplicate charges ever since. Customers took to social media to voice their complaints over being double charged. Even CNN correspondent Samuel Burke – an early Apple Pay adopter – reported that he was “charged twice for every single purchase I've made with Apple Pay at various stores.”

Bank of America spokeswoman Tara Burke said earlier this week “we apologize for the inconvenience and are correcting this immediately.”

Hundreds of banks have signed onto Apple Pay services, which replaces traditional credit cards by loading customers’ credit card data onto their iPhones. To pay for a purchase, a customer simply waves their phone by a credit card terminal.

According to, the glitch has reportedly been fixed as of today, and Bank of America has refunded affected customers.

A BofA spokeswoman explained that the bank is “excited to be part of Apple Pay and to see our customers quickly adopting this innovative and convenient way to pay.”