Flood Warnings Remain In Affect Across Texas

Prior to the record Memorial Day rainfall, reservoirs across Texas were below average levels due to a significant drought that had gripped the state.  All that changed when powerful rainstorms poured heavy rain in concentrated areas of the state, causing flash flooding in several regions of Texas, particularly near Houston and surrounding areas.

The National Weather Service reported that Texas accumulated a record amount of rainfall in the final week of May, but the extreme weather hasn’t stopped there.  Tropical Storm Bill swept across Texas throughout this week, and may be responsible for more flooding over the course of the weekend.

As much as 3 inches of rainfall was collected in northern Texas this week.  Officials at Fort Worth International Airport near Dallas said the precipitation that hammered the region on June 17th was a new record for the airport.

Reservoirs along the Trinity River, which sweeps south from northern Texas towards Houston, are already above flood stage.  Despite Bill decreasing to a tropical depression, meteorologists say more rain is in the forecast throughout the weekend, and could cause the Trinity River to overflow.

The biggest concern is what will happen to Dallas as one of the banks of the river flows through the heart of the city.  Storm sewers are already near their limit, and city officials are preparing for more rain that, in all likelihood, will flood the streets of downtown Dallas.

Flood warnings were also issued for areas in southeastern Texas, many of which are the same communities that flooded during the first round of storms near Memorial Day.  The federal government issued a disaster declaration for southeast Texas earlier this month, and the Federal Emergency Management Association will use funds from the National Flood Insurance Program to help homeowners whose properties have flooded due to the overflowing reservoirs.

The next few days will continue to be wet with flood warnings still in effect.  Protect your own property from the worst of the water, and avoid going out into the streets this weekend when the rain is falling.  You don’t want to be caught on the road if the rivers break.

Image Courtesy of ©iStock.com