Ford Expands Recall, Believed To Affect 1 Million Cars

Drivers who own Ford branded cars are being encouraged to get their vehicles in for tune-ups in light of a series of nationwide recalls.  Ford has issued five separate recalls in the past week due to technical problems with certain models of cars.

The first recall was issued last week and involved approximately 400,000 cars manufactured between 2012 and 2014.  The specific models cited in the recall were the Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ due to deficient latches that failed to properly close the doors.

But four separate recalls were issued this week, as reported by CNN, and three of those requests involve the 2014 Ford Fusion.  After discovering evidence of deficient door latches, Ford was presented proof that there are problems with the steering gear motor that directly affects power steering.  The recall affects an estimated 520,000 Fusions sold across the US.

In addition to the Fusion, the power steering problem was also discovered in the Lincoln MKZ, as well as 2015 Ford Edges.  In total, approximately 1 million Ford cars and trucks have been recalled by the company over the last week for immediate repair.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also issued a separate statement advising owners of the recalled Ford vehicles to take the matter very seriously.  Faulty steering and unlatched doors pose significant risk to road safety, and the NHTSA wants to minimize the potential for injuries to drivers or public property.

Drivers who own any models of cars named in the recall will qualify for free repairs at no charge.  These tune-ups should also have no affect on the insurance policies of drivers.

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