Plenti Of Marketing Promotions Live And Kicking

American Express unveiled a brand new loyalty rewards program called Plenti earlier in May.  The Plenti rewards program is a collaborative campaign that allows credit card users to use rewards points at any number of retail establishments who are partnered with Amex.

Some of the big name brands that are part of the Plenti campaign include Ogilvy & Mather, Macy’s, and AT & T.  The marketing departments of these companies are launching new ads promoting the Plenti rewards program, and are plugging in time for other members of the program within those ads. 

Rite Aid, another Plenti member, unveiled its new marketing strategy this week that also promotes Macy’s and ExxonMobil.  Both Macy’s and Exxon will begin their own campaigns later this summer, including Macy’s plan to promote Plenti as part of the “Great American Summer Sale” – an opportunity for Plenti cardholders to earn double the rewards points.

Pepper Evans, Vice President of Branding for Plenti at American Express, says the Plenti rewards program is a new opportunity for brands to target their customers and also encourages shoppers to redeem rewards points however they see fit.

“It personifies this idea of what you'll see in each of our different partners' retail locations.  It's Plenti bringing these brands together for the first time.”

The campaigns have been successful thus far.  According to Macy’s, over two million shoppers enrolled in the Plenti rewards program during the first week that the program’s marketing initiatives were active.

Rite Aid is banking on a similar ratio of success with its own advertisements.  The company is devoting the largest share of its marketing budget towards promoting the Plenti program, a strategy that companies like Macy’s, AT & T, and ExxonMobil will surely bank on later in the year.

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