Sinkhole Opens In Boulder, Colorado

One week ago, a water main burst in downtown Chicago due to heavy rainfall, creating a sinkhole in the middle of a busy city street.  This week, a similar situation occurred near the University of Colorado in Boulder, when a large portion of Folsom Street collapsed into a giant sinkhole.

The ground opened up before dawn on April 25 in a diameter of 15 by 30 feet, closing Folsom Street down to Taft Drive, and cracking the sidewalk along the way.  City crews worked through the day and into the night trying to repair the broken water main, while avoiding the runoff of mud and gravel sweeping down the damaged road.

Eyewitnesses reported that no one was hurt by the instability, and no cars were parked on the road where the ground opened up.  The biggest inconvenience was for students and university staff trying to reach the nearby campus, particularly residents of the University Heights apartment complex situated off the road next to the sinkhole.  Mike Keuter, a University of Colorado employee, has seen small sinkholes appear in the lower plains of southern Colorado, but was surprised to see a broken water main cause a sinkhole in the middle of the city.

City workers were less surprised about the sinkhole.  Mike Banuelos, a spokesman for Boulder city staff, says a water main burst at the same location less than a year ago. 

Locals in the area were curious to see the sinkhole, and wondered about how safe the streets of Boulder really are.