Is Staples The Next Target For Credit Card Scammers?

Staples may be the next victim in a long line of retailers to be attacked by cyber criminals.  The company is working with law enforcement in the northeastern US to identify a “potential issue” with shoppers’ credit card data.

Cyber security reporter Brian Krebs, who has consulted with officials on other data breaches, discovered patterns of potentially fraudulent charges reported from “multiple banks.” According to the reports, Staples cash registers were infected by similar malware that compromised security at Target, Home Depot, and other retailers over the past year.

Krebs wrote that the compromised data appears to be confined to the northeastern US, but security experts are investigating if the breach extends nationwide.  Coincidentally Staples corporate headquarters is located in Framingham Massachusetts, a town in the same county that contains large cities like Boston.

Mark Cautela is Staples Senior Public Relations Manager who discussed credit card security with Krebs.  Cautela assured shoppers that Staples is taking the breach very seriously, and that the company is hard at work attempting to stop the data breach.

“If Staples discovers an issue, it is important to note that customers are not responsible for any fraudulent activity on their credit cards that is reported on a timely basis.”

There are over 1,800 stores located across the continental US, each of which are visited by tens of thousands of customers.  The recent Home Depot data breach exposed over 50 million credit cards, and the Target breach compromised personal information for up to 70 million people.  If the Staples breach is discovered to be a national issue, millions more Americans could see their own credit card accounts compromised.