Statewide Bogus Credit Card Ring Busted in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has busted a bogus credit card ring this past week, which was reportedly responsible for the theft of tens of thousands of dollars across the state of Pennsylvania.

The credit card fraud ring apparently used counterfeit cards, along with matching driver’s licenses, to purchase goods across the state. The ring was allegedly run by Lovell “Vell” Davis III, and two associates, including Latoya Jemerson – who is currently in Allegheny County prison – and 31-year-old Cecelia Robinson, who is still at large.

According to police reports, Davis asked Jemerson and Robinson to make cash advances using fraudulent cards from banks in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Jemerson and Robinson took out $1,000 to $1,500 at a time with the bogus cards.

Davis reportedly allowed his associates to take 30% of the proceeds from these cash advances, the remaining of which was put into Davis’ own bank account. Davis, Jemerson and Robinson reportedly also rented vehicles with the bogus cards in order to travel to multiple banks across the state to get their cash advances.

Despite the fact that investigators found no verifiable income source for Davis, on Commonwealth of Pennsylvania tax records he reported having earned $118,000 last year as a barber.

Davis is now charged with 51 counts of access device fraud, along with a slew of other charges, including criminal conspiracy and criminal use of a communication facility. A preliminary hearing will take place on November 3rd. Cecelia Robinson is charged with a slew of charges as well, including five counts of access device fraud, one count of forgery, and one count of criminal conspiracy.