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Auto insurance is unaffordable for nearly 19 million Americans and this is how it affects them

Unaffordable auto insurance for Americans

If auto insurance is unaffordable, it may mean that some Americans can’t get to work or travel to job opportunities. Or it may mean that they can’t commute to school or pick up their kids on time.

After all, being able to own and drive a car gives you mobility, flexibility, and autonomy. Access to a car is empowering.

Usage-based Insurance is Changing the Auto Insurance Industry. Here’s Why.

Happy woman in new car

3 Summer Auto Maintenance Tips

Summer auto maintenance tips

Can Usage-Based Insurance save you money?

Save money with Usage Based insurance

Are you a driver who wishes that auto insurance was more personal? If so, the emerging area of telematics insurance may be just what you’re looking for. Not only will your premiums reflect how you drive, you can be significantly rewarded for driving safely.

The Pressure is on Volkswagen for Emissions Fix

Volkswagen has been given a tough deadline to come up with a solution for the cheating software installed on 11 million of its "clean" diesel engines that detected and only engaged full emissions control when it detected test conditions.

Bored This Summer? Take a Road Trip to These 5 Sites

If there’s anything that beats the summer road trip, I’ve yet to experience it. Packing up your friends and a bunch of gear into a car and heading off to parts unknown is about as fun as it gets.

But many people struggle with somewhere to go. Here are five places around the country that you’ve got to see before you die. Why not cross one or two off the list this summer?