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Rest Of The World Agrees US Credit Cards Susceptible To Fraud

Credit card fraud is an ongoing problem across industrialized nations but Americans are, without a doubt the most popular target of savvy scammers.  A new report by British international banking firm Barclays says US credit cards account for approximately one quarter of all cards used in the world, but nearly half of those cards are targeted by fraudsters.


Save Money On Farmers Products With New Visa Rewards Card

Farmers Insurance Group is one of the leading US insurance and financial services firms with millions of loyal customers across the country.  Farmers announced a new offer that will benefit the most loyal of clientele in the form of the Farmers Rewards Visa credit card.


Do Not Call Registry Beefed Up By New Primus Guard Technology

Millions of people are registered for the National Do Not Call Registry, which attracted fed up residents since the establishment of the index in 2004.  The rules of the registry were amended by a federal ruling earlier this week, allowing agencies like Primus Technologies to optimize their Telemarketing Guard Technology to further protect Americans from harassing calls.

What To Expect With The New Chip Credit Cards

In light of ongoing credit card fraud across the country, banks and credit card providers are rapidly accelerating the switch to more secure cards.  The country is incorporating the chip credit cards commonly used in other developed countries around the world, and financial security experts believe the switch will cut down on fraud across the country.


New Plenti Credit Card by American Express Could Be a Hit

A co-branded rewards card offered by American Express and is set to shake up the credit card landscape this summer. The Plenti Credit Card by American Express allows consumers to earn Plenti points for every dollar they spend, and -- in an industry first -- apply those points towards merchandise and services across a broad range of consumer categories. It’s the kind of rewards flexibility that many credit card holders could get used to.