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Credit vs Debit Cards: Which Is Safer?

With the recent data breaches at both Target and Neiman Marcus, many shoppers are wondering how they can better protect themselves from hackers. One question that often comes up is the relative safety of credit cards vs debit cards. While credit card fraud is certainly more widely publicized, debit cards can actually pose a greater fraud risk to the average shopper – below are some of the key credit vs debit security differences you should know about in 2014.

Seven Credit Card Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

Credit card usage continues to grow in the U.S., with total annual purchase volumes now exceeding $2 trillion. For the majority of Americans, credit cards are simply the best way to pay for stuff, from groceries and gas to flat-screen TVs and trips. Because credit card spending is so central to the modern-day consumer, understanding the best ways to pay with plastic has never been more important. 

That's why we want you to start 2014 off right by being savvier about your credit cards – here are seven credit card tips to help you be a better consumer this year.