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Will 2015 Finally Be the Year of the Mobile Wallet?

Has your wallet gone mobile yet? We didn’t think so.

Despite the release of Apple Pay in September of last year, chances are you’re still sporting your good ol’ leather wallet – and it’s probably full of old-school plastic credit cards. Apple Pay might be big in Silicon Valley, but most U.S. consumers aren’t flashing their smartphones at the checkout just yet.

Hacked in 2014: A Look Back at the Top 5 Credit Card Data Breaches of the Past Year

It’s official: 2014 will probably go down in history as “the Year of the Data Breach.”

From restaurants to retailers to banks, the past year has seen a slew of companies hit by hackers. And although 2014 is coming to a close, the cyberattacks haven’t slowed down – the most recent high-profile breach occured at Sony Pictures Entertainment just this month, and exposed gigabytes of sensitive internal data (and leaked unreleased movies and embarrassing e-mails in the process.)