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Memory Of Sandy Will Shadow Chris Christie Presidential Campaign

The 2016 presidential campaign has been dominated by the entry of Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans.  However, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will formally throw his hat in the ring as a Republican nominee later this week.

The question for Christie is how his time as Governor of New Jersey will help or hinder his ambition to sit in the White House.  The Garden State will be the base of support for Christie but many New Jersey residents have mixed feelings towards the Governor, particularly people living in coastal communities.

Coal City Example Of Why It’s Best To Be Insured For Storms

The season of extreme weather is upon us, and Americans were reminded yet again to ensure homes are properly insured for such events.  A tornado ripped through the town of Coal City in Illinois, leaving behind a trail of damaged homes, downed power lines, and flooded roads.

Time Running Out To File Flood Insurance Claim In Oklahoma

Powerful storms hammered the southwest last month, resulting in widespread flooding across dozens of counties.  The storms, originating in Texas, expanded into nearby states like Oklahoma, bringing episodes of heavy rain and intense wind for hours or days at a time.

Flood Warnings Remain In Affect Across Texas

Prior to the record Memorial Day rainfall, reservoirs across Texas were below average levels due to a significant drought that had gripped the state.  All that changed when powerful rainstorms poured heavy rain in concentrated areas of the state, causing flash flooding in several regions of Texas, particularly near Houston and surrounding areas.

Very Few Texans Are Insured For Flash Flooding

Areas of Texas and especially areas around Houston were hammered by unprecedented rainfall over the past week.  State officials declared emergencies in 32 counties surrounding the Greater Houston Area, flooding hundreds of homes due to overflowing water.