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Is Insurance Coverage For NCAA Athletes Fair Enough?

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March Madness is the talk of the nation as the final four teams in the NCAA tournament are set to face off on Saturday.  The winners of the semifinal games will compete in the championship on Monday.

While players and their fans are focused on the games and team spirit on the court, the NCAA organization is fielding inquiries from insurance agents off the court.  Many players are injured while competing in March Madness or other college basketball events, sometimes to the extent that the injuries ruin their careers.

Insure With Blue Cross? Your Identity May Be Compromised

Did you acquire your health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield?  You may be one of over 5,000 members of the Blue Cross network whose personal information was copied to create counterfeit credit cards.

The Michigan based company’s security system was reportedly breached by hackers between December 10th last fall and January 27th earlier this year.  Blue Cross confirmed that names, birth dates, email addresses, social security numbers, and other forms of personal information were skimmed during the breach.

Prepare For More Cyber Crime Like The Anthem Data Breach

A January report by the Ponemon Institute identified 2014 as the year of mega data breaches.  Two weeks after that report was published, a new breach was announced that hacked one of the country’s largest health insurance providers.

Supreme Court Divided Over Health Insurance Subsidies

A showdown in the Supreme Court will have long lasting implications for health insurance coverage in America.  The White House and anti Obamacare Republicans are before the country’s top court in a case that will decide the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Is This The End Of Obamacare And Affordable Health Insurance?

Hot headed partisanship is at the center of a legal showdown scheduled to begin on Wednesday.  President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act is being challenged before the Supreme Court by Republicans opposed to the health insurance model.

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling on the future sustainability of the ACA or Obamacare by June.  If the courts side with the Republicans, the majority of the 11.4 million Americans who acquired health insurance through the ACA could lose coverage or be forced to pay significantly higher premiums.