Daniel Rattanamahattana

A recent graduate from University of Toronto with an HBA in Economics, has a passion for eBusiness and tech startups as well as online marketing tools. As the former business analyst at LowestRates.com, he oversaw several aspects of user experience, researching content materials, and graphs. Daniel no longer writes for LowestRates.com.

Recent Articles

Many Colorado Residents Without Flood Insurance

As the floodwaters recede in Colorado, many residents are breathing a sigh of relief that they can finally return to their homes. But some Coloradans are dismayed to learn that their house insurance policies don’t cover flooding, and government programs probably won’t cover the damage either.

“It’s really a heartbreaking situation for these people,” said Eric Weedin, an insurance agent in Larimer County, one of the hardest hit places in the state. “A lot of people don’t have assets or the savings to repair their house.”

New Government Agency to Monitor Credit Card Transactions

The newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(CFPB) is keeping a watchful eye on your credit card transactions. That’s the conclusion of the Washington Examiner, which obtained documents revealing the Bureau’s plan to monitor 80 percent of all consumer purchases.

The CFPB, according to documents leaked to the Examiner, is using controversial data-mining techniques to monitor up to 42 billion credit card transactions per year, or approximately four out of every five purchases.


California Town Approves Seizure of Bad Mortgages

Yesterday, city councillors in Richmond, California voted in favor of a plan to seize delinquent and underwater mortgages in the district by using so-called “eminent domain” laws. 

The council, led by Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, seeks to keep local residents in their homes by taking over bad mortgages. One of the few ways to do this legally is by invoking the eminent domain principle, which allows governments to seize private property for a worthy public use.